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Hello and Welcome to my webpage. My name is Jennifer Cook-and yes you read that last name right. I think God knew what he was doing putting my husband and I together! Cooking has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was little in the kitchen watching my great-grandma Smallwood cook. The cooking spirit has been passed on through the generations from great grandma to my grandma and then onto my mother and myself. I have four amazing boys who I have also passed the love of cooking onto. I truly believe that food can create such a bond with people. Whether it’s around the dinner table with great conversation after a long day, creating memories with those you love, or a roomful of people celebrating a moment that is cherished -where there is food there is love. I would be nowhere I am today without my Heavenly Father also. Jesus has continued to Bless me time and time again and I am so very grateful. I am a certified chef with a licensed kitchen whose passion is to take care of people by feeding them good food. Locally raised in Warren County, I understand how important good food is to good people, so I have worked tediously at developing regular and healthy choice freezer meals, great catering options for your next event and regular, gluten-free or sugar-free sweet treat options. Made with love. Made right here in Monmouth. Made for you and your family.