Nothing brings people together like good food.

Welcome to Pray Eat Cook

Hi, I’m Jennifer Cook and I’ve been cooking my whole life! My freezer meal and catering business operate out of the kitchen behind The Healthy Fix at 61 Public Square in Monmouth, IL. I specialize in freezer meals, and ready to heat-and-eat meals to make life at home easier. Freezer meals can also be purchased as a gift!

When I’m not cooking ahead, I’m catering events. Specializing in both large and small events, professional and special occasions I believe good food is the foundation of a great gathering.

How it works:

Choose your delivery date.

Pick your meals.

Payment must be received 7 days before your delivery date.

Collect your meals on your pick-up day.

Enjoy delicious freezer meals.

That’s it!! So simple!


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Pick Up Information

Choose Your Date & Choose Your Location

Freezer Meals are conveniently scheduled at a pick-up location near you unless arranged otherwise. Arrangements will be made as needed.

Freezer Meal Pick Up Dates

Each month I will choose specific pickup dates for delivery. Dates will be announced here and on my Facebook group Freezer Meals by Jennifer

Upcoming Dates

cooking for a cause!

If you are interested in getting information on a fundraiser for your organization, you can email me at I have three fundraising options for your charity or cause! You can order from a great selection of Freezer Meals, Cupcakes, or Cheesecakes or the option to combine is available to sell at your next fundraiser event! Plus, I deliver your orders right to your organization, so you don't have to pick up. If you prefer to do everything online, below your supporters can pick the fundraiser you have chosen and order from me directly or if you prefer the paper order form route i can do that for you as well.

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Blessings By The Spoon

Give a Meal, Be a Blessing

Nothing nourishes the soul like good food. If you have a friend, neighbor, or loved one in need of a meal we make special deliveries!

Gift A Meal


Everything you need to know

If you ordered the two-person meal -two pieces of meat will be in your meal -such as two chicken breasts or two chops or two burgers. Same with other serving sizes. 3 servings get 3 pieces of meat and so on.

Absolutely! Just thaw first!

Is the lid oven safe? Yes!

Yes, I suggest ordering one size up and if you like leftovers I’d do 2 sizes up. 

You can reach out to me and we can schedule a time that works for us both. 

Of course! Order as many times as you’d like!

Freezer Meal Fundraiser

Homemade with Love. Homemade with Love. For the Low-Carb Freezer Meals you sell at your fundraise you would make:
$5 for a 2-Person Meal
$10 for a 4-Person Meal
$15 for a 6-Person Meal

Freezer Meal Fundraiser
LowCarb / Diabetic

Homemade with Love. For the Low-Carb Freezer Meals you sell at your fundraise you would make:
$5 for a 2-
Person Meal
$10 for a 4-
Person Meal
$15 for a 6-Person Meal

Cupcake / Cheesecake Fundraiser

Homemade with Love.
For cheesecakes, your fundraiser makes $5.00 for each sold!
For cupcakes, your fundraiser makes 22% of the sales!